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Policies and Procedures



Tagsa Uibhist has an open policy system, meaning that anyone can make a referral or refer themselves for our services. Contact can be made via a number of means:

  • Telephone (01870 602111)

  • Visiting our office (East Camp, Balivanich)

  • Through other service providers i.e. single shared assessment carried out by social care and health professionals.


The Assessment Process


A visit or telephone call is made to the person to assess their needs and requirements, along with a risk assessment to ensure all practical caring tasks are carried out in compliance with Health and Safety guidelines. Once the assessment is completed a decision is then made as to whether Tagsa Uibhist offers the support required. If this is not the case, a referral will be sent to the relevant agency. If our service is appropriate to your needs, suitable care will commence and a written service agreement with a personal care plan will follow. 


A personal care plan is a signed care arrangement, as agreed with the person or carer needing support i.e. when care is required (day and time, tasks that need to be done) - which can be flexible to meet the person's needs. This information can only be shared with other agencies if consent has been agreed by the carer or the person receiving the care.



What will it cost?


There is no charge for our main services, and no financial assessments are carried out. 


Data Protection


Tagsa Uibhist has a policy and procedure to ensure that all records and data are stored correctly, and that no-one without authorisation has access to files. An information request form has to be completed before the person receiving care or their family carer can view personal files in the Tagsa Uibhist office.


Flexibility of service to meet your needs 


Tagsa Uibhist tries to accommodate the service user's needs as much as possible. However, not all needs are met, as funding is limited as is the availability of Care Assistants.


If you need to contact the care assistant, please phone the office between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, or our out of hours number at any other time. A member of staff will be able to assist you.


Sudden changes in circumstances


If there are sudden changes in circumstances, the manager will arrange emergency cover in consulation with Health and Social Care.


Limitations to tasks which can be carried out


All care assistants work within Tagsa Uibhist guidelines regarding Health and Safety and moving and handling. Any care assistant that is not trained in moving and handling are made aware of the limitations to what work they can carry out.


Policy on care assistants signing or witnessing leagal documents on behalf of carers or service users


Under no circumstances can the care assistant be involved in the financial affairs of service users, and they cannot sign legal documents or witness legal documents whilst employed by Tagsa Uibhist.




During induction and ongoing training, all staff are made aware of the importance of confidentiality, and in addition are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Safety and security


The safety and security of all our service users and staff are covered in Health and Safety Policy and Procedures. All incidents, diseases, and dangerous occurrences are reported and investigated in accordance with the organisation's reporting procedure. It is a legal requirement for employees to report all accidents and incidents.


Gifts and gratuities policy


To protect carers, service users, and Tagsa Uibhist employees, please do not offer staff any gifts as they are asked to refuse.


The service may be terminated if:

  • The service user no longer wishes to use the service

  • The service user's needs have changed significantly, to the extent that they cannot be accommodated by our services

  • The service user no longer lives in the designated area for service provision

  • The service is used inappropriately, if there is inappropriate behaviour, or if care assistants or other service users are placed at risk.


Discontinuation of the service


Written notification will be given, details will be recorded and kept in your personal file. The service will be discontinued within one week of notice, unless the service user specifically asks for immediate discontinuation of the service. Services can be discontinued immediately if the risk to care assistants are too great for any service to continue.


Winding up of the company


If the company is wound up, then client services and responsibilities will be transferred to a similar organisation (if any exist) or to the Social Work department, who have ultimate responsibility.

How to Donate





Please add Gift Aid as Tagsa Uibhist will get up to 25% on top of your donation by reclaiming any tax you've already paid on the amount you give.


By Text

Tagsa Uibhist has signed up to offer JustTextGiving by Vodafone! The service charges no set-up or running costs for charities, there are no network charges for people making donations, and charities receive 100% of the amount donated plus Gift Aid if applicable.


Just text TGSA12 £1/ £3/ £5/ £10 to 70070 e.g.'TGSA12 £5'


In Person

Simply pay in your money at the Bank of Scotland or at the Tagsa Uibhist office at East Camp in Benbecula



By post

A cheque or postal order made payable to Tagsa Uibhist to our East Camp office.


While you shop

Tagsa Uibhist is signed up to EasyFundraising, which will donate a percentage of your payment at eligible online retailers to us, at no extra cost to you! Setting up an account couldn't be simpler, and it's free!                   Happy shopping!


For more information on donating to us, click here.

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