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With regret, Doigheag Respite Care Home suspended operating at the end of April 2016. Our Board of Directors released the following statement explaining the decision:

Doigheag Respite Care Home is a care facility registered for two adults located in Iochdar on the Isle of South Uist.


Fees (Self-funding)


Care and accommodation fees will be £795 per week. Fees are paid in arrears by either standing order, direct debit, cheque, or cash, and are reviewed annually.


The fees cover the following costs:

  • Providing staff to deliver the care and all other services such as cleaning and personal laundry.

  • Providing the accommodation i.e. repayments on loans to build or refurbish the home.

  • Maintenance of the building, and its running costs, such as heating and lighting.

  • The meals service

  • Provision and replacement of furnishings

  • The repairs and maintenance services, including redecoration.

  • Office costs and administrative services

  • The purchase of specialised equipment, such as hoists.




There are staff on duty 24 hours a day, and all staff are trained to look after your needs. They can assist you with bathing/showering and using the toilet if you need help. There is a call system which can be used to summon assistance should you need it. This system will be explained to you upon arrival. 

Our domestic staff will keep your room clean and tidy, and look after your clothing as required. We would ask that your clothes are all suitable for machine washing.


Medical Attention


The doctor will provide the same service that you have always received. If at any time you feel that you require a visit from the doctor, please tell a member of staff who will take the necessary action to meet your request.




If the doctor prescribes medication for you, then the medication (contained in their original boxes with prescription name and quantity clearly marked on the outside) must be brought with you for your respite stay. Your medication will be stored in a lockable medicine cabinet in your own room. If you are able, you will be responsible for taking your own medication. If assistance/prompting is required, the medication will be given to you by a member of staff, and recorded as per your care plan.




Doigheag Respite Care Home accepts and respects all religious denominations. We have links to most local churches and religious organisations in Uist, and your own Minister, Priest, or religious leader is welcome to visit you at any time.

Family and friends are welcome to take you to organised religious services, but should inform the senior member of staff before doing so.




Your visitors, including children and granchildren, are most welcome in the care home at any time. If they wish to take you out for part of - or the whole - day, we will do all we can to meet any practical problems they might encounter as a result of your time away.




We try to provide a varied and nutritious menu. If you have any particular dietary preferences, the cook will discuss these with you. Menus for the week are displayed in the dining room. Alternative choices are always available if you do not like what is on offer on the menu.

Snacks and drinks are also available at any time you wish, please feel free to ask. There is always fresh fruit available.


Meal times


Breakfast                                                                  9-10am

Morning coffee                                                    10:30am

Lunch                                                                  12:30-1pm

Afternoon tea                                                               3pm

Evening meal                                                                5pm

Supper                                                                            9pm





Doigheag Respite Care Home comes under the management umbrella of Tagsa Uibhist, covering staffing levels, training, supervision, and policy and procedures.

The care home will operate as a separate service, thereby retaining and enhancing the homely and comfortable atmosphere and feel.


Other information


Service users, along with their family and carers, are all invited to contribute feedback on all aspects of the care home that impact upon the care delivered and the service received.

We have referral forms available for people to book their respite stay. Transport to and from the care home is available via our Dial-A-Bus service at the standard cost of 80p per mile from your home. 

How to Donate





Please add Gift Aid as Tagsa Uibhist will get up to 25% on top of your donation by reclaiming any tax you've already paid on the amount you give.


By Text

Tagsa Uibhist has signed up to offer JustTextGiving by Vodafone! The service charges no set-up or running costs for charities, there are no network charges for people making donations, and charities receive 100% of the amount donated plus Gift Aid if applicable.


Just text TGSA12 £1/ £3/ £5/ £10 to 70070 e.g.'TGSA12 £5'


In Person

Simply pay in your money at the Bank of Scotland or at the Tagsa Uibhist office at East Camp in Benbecula



By post

A cheque or postal order made payable to Tagsa Uibhist to our East Camp office.


While you shop

Tagsa Uibhist is signed up to EasyFundraising, which will donate a percentage of your payment at eligible online retailers to us, at no extra cost to you! Setting up an account couldn't be simpler, and it's free!                   Happy shopping!


For more information on donating to us, click here.

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